10 countries with the Lowest Uber Rates (2016)

If you have been hoping to take advantage of the world’s most popular ride sharing service in Uber, but want to make sure that you are able to do so inexpensively all over the globe, you’ll want to know about the 10 nations that have the least expensive Uber rates.

Uber has recently slashed their ridesharing rates dramatically across the board, but some countries are (obviously) a lot less expensive than others for one reason or another. If you’re going to be doing a consistent amount of travel in these nations you want to know that you can do so safely, quickly, and effortlessly just by calling for an Uber and using the same service that you’ve already been using all over the world already.

1) Malaysia


With a base fare of just $.18 minimum and four cents per kilometer, you are looking at maybe the least expensive Uber ride you’ve ever had – and honestly there isn’t anything else out there that comes close!

It’s amazing to think that it’s possible to cruise around the entirety of Malaysia paying less for a single Uber here then you would for a jaunt across New York City, for example.

2) Borneo

Visitors to Borneo are going to be able to save almost as much on ridesharing services as they would in mainland Malaysia, with base fare rates at $.21 minimum and six cents per kilometer. It’s not quite as cheap, but it’s pretty close!

3) Singapore

Singapore has only just recently voted to allow the Uber service in the country, and right now ridesharing with this company is ridiculously inexpensive. Base fare rates begin at $.29 minimum and nine cents per kilometer, making it incredibly inexpensive.

4) Egypt


Travelers looking to take advantage of the Uber service in Egypt are going to be able to do so without having to blow up their traveling budget. Expect to have base fare rates begin at $.40 minimum and about $.15 per kilometer, giving travelers the opportunity to see Egypt at their leisure without ever breaking the bank.

5) India


Travelers in India are going to be able to use the Uber service and only have to pay a $.36 minimum with every kilometer costing just $.12 after that. The right service can be taken advantage of from mobile devices that work in the nation as well as at specialty designed public access kiosks throughout many of the major Indian cities.

6) Vietnam

Vietnam Uber

With a base of $.22 and a per kilometer charge of $.42, you are going to be able to take advantage of the upscale Uber Black service provided by this company at prices that are almost unheard of. Luxury vehicles are going to be at your back and call when you take advantage of these inexpensive rates.

7) Indonesia


Those looking to take advantage of the Uber service in Indonesia will be able to do so by paying just $.52 for the base thing here and then only $.21 per kilometer after that. This includes an upscale instant upgrade to Uber Black, the premier service from this company.

8) Thailand


Thailand has a base fare of $1.41, which is pretty high compared to some of the other locations on this list but isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things. Every kilometer costs $.39 after the base has been met.

9) Columbia

The Uber service is available throughout Columbia at prices of just $.99 for the base fare and then $.33 per kilometer after that. Travelers can use their smartphones and the desktop application to take advantage of these ridesharing services.

10) Brazil

Visitors and citizens of Brazil are going to be able to take advantage of inexpensive Uber rides throughout the country. The base starts at $1.17, with every kilometer being charged out and $.64 apiece.

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